Luxurious, magical, unique


There is magic in the air. The first rays of the sun gently kiss you awake. You get up, step out onto the balcony and breathe in the fresh mountain air. Below you, the lake sparkles with the sun - from deep blue to emerald green - an explosion of colors captivates you. Even before you sit down at the prepared breakfast table, you jump from your terrace into the inviting cool water. It refreshes your senses and you take in the melodic chirping of the crickets, the heady scent of the alpine meadows and the imposing mountain backdrop even more intensely.

Let yourself be inspired. Inspire. Fascinate. Arrive.

LakeSide-Villa Information

Our prices are for 2 persons per night
incl. Breakfast and LaPosch- Wellness package
excl. visitors tax of € 3,00 per day and person (from 15 years)

Maximum experience:
7 nights from 02.06. to 20.10.2024 - Try your luck, maybe a short stay is also possible within this period.

Minimum stay:
3 nights from 20.10. to 20.12.2024 - Short stay surcharge of 10% for bookings of less than 4 nights (shorter stays are also possible for last-minute bookings and subject to availability)

Christmas/New Year's Eve and Carnival: maximum occupancy is calculated


Prices are subject to change, typing errors and mistakes, and offers are subject to change.