In search of freedom, peace and rest!

Dein Bergaway

The longing for freedom. For peace. For rest. For a place of silence. A place where you can get in touch with yourself again. Our chalet village will take you back, far away from the stresses of everyday life. A home that offers new perspectives, space for reflection and relaxation. Where traditions are still alive, and luxury is determined by the joy of the experience and the time you take for yourself.

The time that you make for yourself. The experiences and warm encounters that you take with you. These small moments define true LaPosch luxury. And will make your stay an extraordinary one.

Unique Tyrolean mountain hideaway...

... nestled in pristine nature.

Love and warmth

In our chalet village

Upon arrival, when our gate to paradise opens, you’ll see that the clocks at LaPosch tick a little slower. Love and warmth are written in capital letters. And you are the center of attention. Fulfilling your wishes and your needs.

You will be welcomed with a loving 'Grias Di' from your LaPosch wish-fulfillers, who will treat you with respect and warmth throughout your stay. While your luggage is magically transported to your chalet, you can enjoy the silence that surrounds the chalet village, the view of the picturesque natural landscape and the anticipation of what is to come.

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