Between lake addiction dream and summit adventure

Mountain lake addiction

Freedom lives in the mountains. The freedom to go your own way, to tread new paths, to overcome obstacles. Step by step to leave yesterday behind you. To surrender yourself completely to the moment. To dive into boundless worlds of experience, just waiting to be discovered.

Take the time. Time for yourself. For your health. The time to rediscover your own nature. To overcome self-imposed limits. To perceive new perspectives. Between lake life dream and summit adventure. The Tiroler Zugspitz Arena is full of unexplored natural secrets. Rustic alpine huts. Picturesque mountain lakes. Hidden power spots. Ready to tell their stories.

With every breath you take, you get a little closer to yourself. At sunrise yoga, connected to the sky and earth. Meeting the silence within you. On a hike through the Tyrolean Alps. A bike tour to the most beautiful places between forests, mountains and lakes. Or while golfing in an alpine landscape. In front of a unique mountain backdrop. At the foot of the Wetterstein massif.