Vacation in special secluded location
Romantic and lovingly curated
Close to nature
Far away from daily routines
Luxury that you do not have to share

Village philosophy

The clocks tick a little slower here, we like to slow down and let nature set the pace of the day. We are a meeting place for time-honored traditions and newly discovered modernity, a meeting place for adventurers and those seeking peace and quiet.

You’ll find unexpected joys and fascinations, and you’ll see our values in every part of our work. It is the many small moments at LaPosch that create a memory forever.

Traditional, honest, authentic

Vacations for yourself and your dreams - Holidays according to your wishes - Holidays like me.

As individual as you!


We don't follow a fixed plan, we don't orientate ourselves on others, but stick to the path that heart, belly and head dictate. We are always guided by the rhythm of nature and our region. Customs, regionality and traditions never let us forget where our origin lies, where we come from. From many dreams, big ideas, small steps and an eye for the important and beautiful, our little place has grown into what it is today and has become for many a unique, individual place of well-being.

» Our feel-good chalets

... for the detail and for the people!


The love between us, that, for our guests, our staff, for the detail and for the small and big wonders that the Bergaway life brings, always accompanies us on our journey. It makes our hearts beat where there is enthusiasm, builds bridges when obstacles are put in our way, and makes our butterflies dance in our stomachs when we are happy. Without love, everything would be only half as colorful and beautiful. That's why we don't let it go, always carry it close to our hearts and trust it when everything seems difficult.

» Romantic time for two.

We communicate at eye level!


An old Tyrolean saying claims that from an altitude of 1000 meters above sea level you are on "Du und Du". And what can we say - we are at "Du und Du" best of all. Whoever visits us at LaPosch, whether as a guest or as an employee, is greeted and welcomed in a friendly manner and is received and appreciated as a valuable individual. Especially on the staff level, we are happy to know so many different faces and characters in our ranks, who with all their talents and idiosyncrasies make our little Bergaway what it is - a unique place full of wonderful people. That humanity, understanding and flexibility should be lived here is as clear as day to us.