Vacation in special secluded location
Romantic and lovingly curated
Close to nature
Far away from daily routines
Luxury that you do not have to share

Village philosophy

The clocks tick a little slower here, we like to slow down and let nature set the pace of the day. We are a meeting place for time-honored traditions and newly discovered modernity, a meeting place for adventurers and those seeking peace and quiet.

You’ll find unexpected joys and fascinations, and you’ll see our values in every part of our work. It is the many small moments at LaPosch that create a memory forever.

Traditional, honest, authentic

Vacations for yourself and your dreams - Holidays according to your wishes - Holidays like me.

Unadulterated, genuine and authentic

Love and cordiality

Here at more than 1,000 meters above sea level (3,200 feet), with us it's cozy. Our goal is to do something good for people, to let them share in our joy. Lovingly selected details, cordial service and respectful interactions express our passion for pampering guests. Each individual helps shape the personality of our chalet village and makes it a unique place of well-being.

» Our feel-good chalets

Vacation according to your wishes

Everything at your fingertips

Our motto - there's no such thing as can't. We are hosts with passion, we are wish fulfillers and our team is here for your schedule. Breakfast at 7 o'clock - very gladly, tomorrow only at 11 - no problem! A table in the restaurant - we reserve it, dinner in the chalet - we deliver it. Active today and relaxing tomorrow - we make it all possible.

» Individual indulgence time

Be considerate, have respect!


We have made it a matter of the heart to create a vacation home that is in harmony with nature and Tyrolean traditions. We take responsibility for preserving the quality of life for the next generations by incorporating measures to promote sustainable development as an integral part of our corporate philosophy. These include the conscious use of natural resources, the strengthening of cultural identity and the promotion of regional value creation.