A chalet village comes into being

A long journey begins with many small steps

Our LaPosch, as it stands today, did not always exist and did not always look like this. It grew over many years to what it is today.

A hidden patch of land in a high Tyrolean valley is becoming your hidden refuge. This refuge is hard to forget. So far, our journey has held many exciting adventures, sunny moments, but also challenges for us.

  • 2013: With the addition of our twin chalets, two luxury lodges a straightforward, modern style rounds out our village. The reception also finds a cozy home. Dominik attends Oktoberfest in Munich and meets Amelie—Prost!
  • 2016: Dominik and Amelie marry. Two of our chalets get a makeover.
  • 2017: Time for new adventures:
    • Daring new adventures of pleasure: Our restaurant "DasWalters" opens its doors and we strike new culinary paths.
    • Personally, our Ludwig is arrives…