Treat your palate to luxury

Exclusive indulgence experiences

Exclusive pleasures for exceptional connoisseurs 

As unique as the people who enjoy them. Our exclusive pleasure experiences create something special. An offer that combines our passionate service with exclusive ambience. Culinary adventures in an alpine setting that leave you wanting more. Desire for more romantic togetherness. More Tyrolean culture of pleasure. Desire for a repetition. To come here again. To this special place. To be pampered.

Enjoy. In peace. As you wish. No matter you appetite, here at LaPosch, it's all about consciously celebrating these special moments of pleasure. About capturing the moment, lingering, and surrendering to the pleasure of slowness. At the private wine tasting, a romantic picnic or the exclusive dinner evening. Unique culinary delights for exceptional connoisseurs.

Unforgettable hours for two

Romantic picnic

Summertime is picnic time. A romantic excursion into the beautiful nature. After a short walk, the perfect picnic spot is quickly found. To the melody of birdsong, you spread out the blanket. On the soft grass, which sparkles in the sunlight in different shades of green. Excited about what the picnic basket has in store for you, you slowly open it. What follows is a treat for your heart and palate. Regional delicacies. Mouth-watering delicacies. Seasonal delicacies. Refreshing juices and a sparkling surprise. The LaPosch togetherness package. In complete seclusion, nosh your way through the colorful selection of treats and enjoy the carefree time. The moment of being together. Laughing together. And spoiling each other. An ideal prelude to the sensual chocolate fondue

Enjoy under the starry sky

Footbridge Dinner

Enjoy privately. In a privileged secluded location. Directly at the brook. Very close to nature. A footbridge carved out of wood blends harmoniously into the colorful landscape. A very special spot in LaPosch. Magical and mysterious. 

The warming evening sun is reflected in the rippling mountain stream. A mild summer breeze blows in your face. Refreshing. Gentle. A welcome cooling for your sun-drenched skin. While you enjoy the aperitif, the last bit of tension falls away. You have arrived. In paradise. In your Bergaway.


Take as much time as you want

Let the evening fade away

In romantic idyll you enjoy the last rays of the sun. Breathe in the scent of fresh mountain air. Listen to the sounds of nature. Feel the warm fingers of your partner in your hand. Observe the beauty that surrounds you. A feeling of contentment spreads through you.

To complete your happiness, the good service fairy will serve you a fine menu. Seasonal specialties mix with regional gourmet delicacies. Authentic. With style and character. Even before the last spoonful of dessert disappears in your mouth, the sun is sinking behind the mountain peaks. The flickering candlelight illuminates your table. The twinkling stars the sky. Snuggled in a fluffy blanket, you toast again to the beauty of the moment. Before you stroll hand in hand back to your chalet.