Consciously enjoy with all senses

Culinary delights in your Chalet

Enjoy your life. Enjoy every day and all the moments it holds for you. No why and no when. Just enjoyment.

The jingling of the dishes when the table is set. The sound of the coffee machine in the morning. Often it is the unconscious things, your daily rituals, that awaken your zest for life. Like the smell of fresh rolls. Of freshly ground coffee. Of the newspaper. The rustle of turning the pages reminds you of a time when you still sat with your parents at the breakfast table. A carefree time. The pages of the newsprint between your fingers, which feel so good, especially in the digital age. The first sip of coffee on the terrace. The cool breeze that blows around your face. The sound of nature combined with the scent of regional delicacies. Tasting another culture. Let the taste of vacation melt in your mouth.

Above all, pay more attention to these little things again. Let your pleasure time become a pleasure experience. From sunrise to sunset. From breakfast to dinner. Let us take you on a journey of pleasure through Tyrol.